Parent participation in treatment

Is parent participation necessary ? Absolutely. Parent participation is an extremely important if not essential component of the treatment. When the alarm is triggered, most children need help from a parent, although some children are sufficiently independent and can succeed without a parent’s help.

Parents who are separated

What if the parents are separated and just one parent wants to participate in the treatment ? The alarm system can be used part-time. The treatment will be just as effective, but may take longer.

Care and washing

Detection strips are made of flannel, they are washable by hand or in the washing machine and they are dryer safe.

Bunk beds

What if my child sleeps in the top bunk ? During treatment, it is possible that your child will wake up to go to the bathroom without letting you know. Since the child may not be completely awake, we recommend that he sleep in the bottom bunk during the treatment period to avoid the risk … Read More

Deep sleeper

My child is a very deep sleeper. Will he wake up when the alarm goes off ? The alarm has a choice of four different sounds and three volume settings. A vibrator (included) can also be connected to the system (designed to be placed under the mattress or pillow). Even so, some children still manage … Read More

Fatigue during treatment

Will the child tend to be more tired during treatment with the alarm ? Generally speaking, no, because in most cases, the next morning the children won’t even remember that the alarm went off. Bedwetters tend to sleep very deeply, even if they do get up once or more during the night, and they wake … Read More

Wearing a diaper during treatment

Your child can continue to wear the diaper. The transmitter can be hooked on underwear but also on a diaper or training pants, eliminating the need to change the sheets overnight.

Success rate

What is the success rate for our approach ? Treatment with Dry4ever®, combined with close personalized follow-up, has a 90% success rate. Coupled with our expertise and motivational approach, the dropout rate is very low. The advice we offer during the treatment decreases the relapse rate.

Length of treatment

How long does treatment last ? On average, treatment lasts 7 weeks. For some children, treatment will be shorter and for others, it could be longer. Treatment is generally more demanding in the beginning as the child wets more often, but the situation should gradually improve. Here are the treatment results for 1,064 patients, according … Read More

Recommended treatments for nocturnal enuresis

What treatments are recommended for bedwetting ? According to a number of reliable medical sources (Canadian Paediatric Society, Dictionnaire de thérapeutique pédiatrique published by Hôpital Sainte-Justine, etc.), treatment should begin with drug-free conditioning therapy using an alarm. This is the most effective, safe and affordable treatment, with the lowest relapse rate. There are some drugs … Read More