Ledoux Réflexe has 60 years of experience in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis.

We have developed an on-line follow up program with files and graphics. Using this program, the parents and child have access to various graphs that will allow them to easily follow the treatment evolution. After each request for a file analysis (these are unlimited), we will communicate by telephone with a parent in order to interpret treatment results and provide our comments and recommendations.

During the treatment, the data collected are first entered manually by a parent or the child onto the paper daily log that is provided with the system.  These data can them be transferred onto our on-line software and analysed by Ledoux Reflexe.  During the treatment, parents can also call anytime at no charge if they have questions.

  • bedtime
  • amount of fluid drunk before bedtime
  • size of spot in underwear (large, medium or small)
  • time of urination
  • wake-up by parent or alarm

 These analyses will give you an idea of:

  • chances of success
  • expected duration of treatment
  • expected short-term results

We suggest that you request a file analysis after every 10 to 15 nights of treatment.

In summary, each purchase or rental of a Dry4ever® system includes:

  • Unlimited access to our exclusive daily log program and online graphs
  • Unlimited telephone consultations throughout the treatment period to answer parents’ questions
  • Analyses over the phone.

Here are some examples of Daily-logs and graphs

Treatment started on May 11th 2017. File 21190: 5 year old boy
7 day treatment progress display. From May 11th 2017 to June 21st 2017. File 21190: 5 year old boy
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Graphic # 1 Fluid intake before bed. Graphic # 2 Hours of urination.
Graphic # 1 Wake up by parent or alarm. Graphic # 2 Woke up without the alarm.