About us

Ledoux Réflexe, a health care company specializing in the treatment and follow-up of nocturnal enuresis, was founded in 1958. The company was founded by José Ledoux, whose son had a bedwetting problem. He wanted to share his experience with an effective drug-free approach that had worked for his son and help other children with the same condition. Today, the family business is headed by another of his sons, Stéphane Ledoux.


In 1958, the business originally operated under the name: Système Réflexe Enr. and belonged to Mr. René Bruneau. In 1963, Mr. José Ledoux, who had a 6 year old son suffering from nocturnal enuresis, called on the services of Système Réflexe and in a matter of only three weeks, the problem was solved. Mr. José Ledoux, a newscaster at CKVL Radio at the time, was so impressed with the results of this little-known approach, that he decided to form a partnership with Mr. Bruneau in order to share his experience and allow other children suffering from the same condition to benefit from this safe and effective non-pharmacological approach. In 1964, Mr. José Ledoux became sole owner of the business. In 1980, Stéphane Ledoux, José’s son, joined the business. In 1990, Système Réflexe became Ledoux Réflexe Inc. with Mr. Stéphane Ledoux as President.


José Ledoux

In addition to helping enuretic children overcome their condition, José Ledoux worked in broadcasting (CKVL and CKOI Radio in Montreal) for 40 years (from 1952 to 1992) mainly as a reporter and news anchor.

Stéphane Ledoux

Son of Mr. José Ledoux, Stéphane joined the business in 1980 and took it over in 1990. His broad experience, of more than 40 years, has enabled him not only to better understand the problem of nocturnal enuresis but also the many ups and downs parents and their children can go through when experiencing this often difficult situation. Known for his empathy and desire to help children overcome this condition, he has never once hesitated to invest his time and energy towards improving his different types of alarm systems in order to better meet the needs of his customers and provide a better follow-up.