Reimbursement by insurance companies

Is the treatment covered by private insurance ? Most private insurance companies in Canada will reimburse all or part of the treatment costs. You must submit your receipts and your medical referral (prescription) with your claim. If you do not know if the treatment is covered, we would be happy to provide you with a … Read More

Shipping and delivery

How will the system be delivered and when can I expect to receive it ? The alarm system will be shipped via Canada Post Xpresspost service with signature confirmation. If you are not home when the package is delivered, a notice will be left in your mailbox. You will then have to pick up the … Read More


How can you pay for the treatment ? We accept payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard), money order, or certified cheque. A receipt will be included with the device.


Is sales tax included in the price ? There is no sales tax on medical equipment in Canada. There is therefore no tax (GST or QST) on our Dry4ever® system.

Rental Price

$89.00 payable upon system rental order + $18.00 weekly Handling and delivery included Non-taxable medical equipment 4 new detection strips Vibrator included Daily log, graphics and consultation: for information click “here” To order a rental system, click here. The customer can end the rental agreement at any time. After 20 weeks of paid rental, the … Read More

Purchase price

How much does it cost to buy the Dry4ever® system ? The complete system sells for CDN$399. You will find all the details in the Products section. There is no sales tax on our system. Follow-up and analysis of daily logs and graphs are included in the price. When a complete system is purchased, there … Read More

Ordering an alarm system

How can I order an alarm system ? You can order it through our web site (see the Products section) or by phone at 514-990-7474 or 1-877-326-7474.

Follow-up during treatment

How does the follow-up work ? Parents can transfer data from the daily log to our online follow-up software, for access to personalized graphs. The graphs can be used to encourage the child to keep up the good work and help the parents track the child’s progress.