System for rent Without underwear

18.00 $

  • $30.00 upon rental of the system
  • + $18.00 weekly
  • Alarm
  • Transmitter
  • Vibrator
  • Software and consultation
  • Postage is included (Roundtrip)
  • Non-taxable medical equipment

Purchase available



The rental cost for the alarm system is $30.00 plus a charge of $18.00 weekly. This $18.00 charge will be applied to your credit card automatically each week. The payment of $30.00 is payable on the order date of the system. The first payment of $18.00 will be charged to your credit card upon the date of delivery of your system. Non-taxable medical equipment.

The customer can change the rental into a sale in the first 8 weeks.  To do this, the customer must advise Ledoux Reflex before the 9th week. The sale price of the system will be $399 minus the $89 and minus the number of weeks paid at $18 per week.

Delivery and handling charges are included (ship to and return)

After 20 weeks of paid rental, the system is no longer deemed rented and becomes the customer’s property.

The system includes:

An alarm with a choice of several different sounds, three volume settings, and an indicator light. The enuresis alarm is triggered as soon as the child releases the first few drops of urine. The system comes with a medical 120-volt adapter (included in the price). If necessary, an additional enuresis alarm can be purchased for the parents’ room.

A small wireless transmitter (60 mm X 25 mm X 8 mm) snapped onto the underwear.

A vibrator, which is an additional stimulus, can be very useful for children who sleep very deeply and who don’t wake up when the alarm goes off. This powerful vibrator can be placed under the pillow or mattress.

Power Supply,


Our system is made in Canada and is licensed by Health Canada (no. 72556). It meets the following safety standards: CSA (C22.2 601.1), UL (60601.1) and CENELEC (EN 60601.1).

Close personalized follow-up is included in the price of each system.

Available on purchase too.

Our system is tax-free in Canada and most group insurance policies in Canada will reimburse all or part of the cost of the Dry4ever system.

Warranty 12 months

When a complete system is purchased, there is no cost for postage and handling.