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Dry4ever (Purchase)


  • One receiver (main unit)
  • One wireless transmitter
  • Four detection strips
  • One vibrating unit to be placed under the mattress
  • One 12V adapter

+ SPECIAL OFFER : Add additional strips

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Dry4ever (Purchase)

A complete Dry4ever system including:

    • A complete Dry4ever system including:
    • A receiver (main unit)
    • An ergonomic wireless transmitter
    • 4 washable and comfortable flannel detection bands
    • A vibrating pad to place under the mattress or in the pillowcase
    • A 12V adapter
    • Instruction booklet
    • Shipping included
    • Unlimited follow-up and support advice. You can contact us as needed.
    • Not taxable.


PLUS (+)

A full 1-year warranty on electronics from the date of the initial invoice, including parts and labor. Only detection bands have a limited 90-day warranty.

Available for Rent as well. 

Special offer: $14 for 2 additional detection strips.

Ideal for: Treatment of bedwetting (Bedwetting)

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 25 × 17 × 8 cm