Wet-Stop 3+

89.00 $

  • 5 variable alarm sounds
  • Vibration
  • 3 combination options of sound and/or vibration
  • Software Daily log and graphics included
  • Support and advice included 
  • This is a non-taxable medical device
  • Postage is included
  • 2 AAA batteries not included

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The system includes our on-line software to track your child’s progress with a personalised file and graphics. Our support and advice are also included free of charge.
Wet-Stop 3+ is practical and efficient.  It reacts immediately to first drops of urine thus enabling your child to stop the flow of urine before the bed becomes wet.

This is an economical and efficient choice if you are not covered by collective insurance. Most private insurance companies in Canada will reimburse all or part of the treatment costs.

DEL button- flashes with alarm.

The sensor attaches easily onto the underwear of your child.

Very simple to maintain and easy to dry.

The sensor can be replaced if required.  You can purchase an extra sensor for the Wet-Stop 3+

Postage is included (Canada Poste)

2 AAA batteries required (not included). Preference is Energizer or Duracell, non-rechargeable.

Guaranteed for one year by Ledouxe Réflexe.

Ledoux Réflexe has been specialized in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) for 60 years. We have developed a unique follow-up software program including a personalized file and graphics for your child. With this program, parents and children have access to diverse graphics which allows them to easily follow the treatment evolution.  After each request for file analysis (unlimited) we will communicate with parents by telephone to offer our interpretation of the treatment results and provide our comments and recommendations.