Wireless sensor underwear versus sensor pad on the bed

Why has Ledoux Réflexe changed its sensor method from a pad on the bed to sensor underwear ?

In 1958, Ledoux Réflexe began by using an alarm connected to a sensor pad on the bed. Since there were some disadvantages associated with this system, we stopped using it and developed sensor underwear. For successful training, the child must learn to recognize the feeling of a full bladder. This conditioning can develop faster if the urine is detected immediately, while the bladder is still full. That is why we began marketing sensor underwear in 1990, which at the time used a wire attached to the pyjamas. Since 2005, we have been offering a new device known as Dry4ever® which was developed and is being manufactured here in Quebec. This system offers the following benefits:

• Sensor underwear: immediate detection regardless of sleeping position

• Vibration: Vibrator placed under the mattress adds a second very effective stimulus

• Choice of alarms sounds: keeps the child from getting used to the sound of the buzzer

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